🌟 An Amazing new Chabad House right in the Center of Campus! Help make a "Home Away from Home" for students at URI!

        This is an incredibly timely, once in a lifetime opportunity for your support!

Chabad URI's New Home

Empower Tomorrow's Jewish Leaders - Donate Today

Chabad on Campus at the University of Rhode Island (URI) is a vital pillar of Jewish life, community, and support for our students. For over seven years, we've strived to create a meaningful home for Jewish life on campus, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Now, we need your support to make our vision a reality.

Our Mission and Impact

Chabad URI is dedicated to enhancing Jewish life and community at URI. We provide innovative programs, a student club, spiritual guidance, social engagement, educational resources, and community service opportunities. We offer counseling and support to students, creating a warm, non-judgmental space that welcomes all, regardless of background or level of observance.

In this era of heightened global tensions, many of our students are concerned about anti-Semitism on campus. Some feel afraid to express their Jewish identity openly and believe their needs aren't being met. That's why Chabad URI is more crucial than ever – we're here to provide guidance, support, and a home away from home on campus. A Home that is open 24/7 to all students and members of the URI community.

Our Challenge: A Stable Home

Securing a suitable space on URI's secluded campus has proven to be an extraordinary challenge. Opportunities have been scarce, and when they do emerge, they are often fiercely contested and swiftly acquired by investors. However, with the divine grace of G-D, we've achieved something truly miraculous: we've successfully secured this remarkable property under contract. It's not just any location; it's the absolute best spot on campus that a private buyer could ever hope for. Just steps away from the Student Union, it provides unparalleled accessibility for our mission. What's even more incredible is that it comes with an exceptional 18 parking spaces, a practically unheard-of luxury in this area. 

Chabad URI has been serving the URI community in various rented spaces. Right now we operate out of  an 820 square foot apartment located over a mile away from campus. 

To better serve our students and continue expanding our impact, we've found a solution – a 5,710 square foot building in the heart of campus, just steps away from the student union.

Your Support is Critical

"We're excited to announce this exciting $1.41 million  transformative project, which includes a $500,000 down payment. What makes this initiative truly remarkable is that every donation will be triple-matched, maximizing the impact of your support. It's important to understand that while $300,000 has already been pledged by our generous matchers, these funds will only be released once we successfully raise another $350,000. Your contribution is the key to unlocking this $300,000 match and turning our project from a goal into a reality." 

Why Your Donation Matters

With your support, we will create a stable and accessible home for Chabad URI, fostering Jewish life, community, and leadership for generations to come. Your generosity empowers students to proudly embrace their Jewish identity while receiving the guidance and support they need.

Join Us Today

By donating to Chabad URI, you become a partner in building a brighter future for our students, our community, and the world. Your gift will make a lasting impact on the lives of our students and the broader Jewish community.

Together, we can make this vision a reality. Donate now and be a part of something extraordinary.

Other Options: Cash App: $chabaduri

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By Mail: Chabad URI 39 Rolens Drive B4 Kingston, RI 02881 

By Phone: Call or text 401-212-1517

For information about  PayPal,  Zelle  donations, or other options please Email  chabaduri@duck.com

Chabad on Campus - Kingston, RI INC is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. Each Chabad Center is fiscally autonomous and is responsible for raising their own funds. Our budget is not covered by a central organization.